Better then average,

Unique handcrafted items.



Handcrafted Dresses. Ranging sizes and styles. Never know what you will find. 



Handcrafted  jewelry necklaces. No two are the same. Never know what you'll... 



Handcrafted jewelry sets, 

About us !

We are a family that likes to create. We have be taught and inspired by own past generations. With skills still passed along, I get to create with my four children. We are a family that has to make something all the time and we want to learn more. So this is our combined creativity, May never know what you will find on our crafting journey.

Amanda Pierce - Main Founder

Elisabeth Blair- Co-Founder

Jordyn Ladas- Media Manager.

  • Jewelry

    Around 2014 I had some heath issues that affected my mobility. I got very bored and started messing around making some jewelry. Soon it turned out to be so much fun and was getting a lot of recognition . I was getting commissions and I just couldn't stop .

  • Clothes.

    My oldest daughter is the mind and crafter behind the dresses. She is only in her 20s and is making beautiful clothes. She mainly makes dresses and in plus sizes.

  • Crochet

    I was about seven when my grandmother taught me how to crochet. I would work on things here and there. I picked it back up in Ernest when my husband got sick and needed to have a few surgery's this last two years.

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