About us!

Step into our family-owned craft site, where the expertise of older generations has been passed down and cherished. Working alongside my four children, we find joy in the process of creation, making it an integral part of our family life. With a thirst for knowledge, we invite you to join us on this crafting adventure and uncover the hidden treasures that await.

  • Amanda Pierce - Main Founder
  • Elisabeth Blair - Co-Founder


Handcrafted Dresses. Ranging sizes and styles. Never know what you will find. 


Handcrafted jewelry sets, 


Handcrafted crochet shawls. 

  • Jewelry

    In 2014, I experienced health issues that impacted my mobility. Seeking a way to occupy my time, I began experimenting with jewelry making. To my surprise, it turned into a delightful and fulfilling activity that garnered significant recognition. Not only did I receive numerous commissions, but I also found it impossible to resist continuing on this creative journey.

  • Clothing

    The dresses are created by my talented oldest daughter, who has a deep passion for crafting. Despite her young age of only 20s, she is already producing stunning garments. Her main focus is on designing exquisite dresses, particularly in plus sizes. She is also actively working on expanding her collection.

  • Crochet

    During my early childhood, my grandmother imparted the skill of crocheting upon me. Although I only occasionally engaged in crafting projects at that time, my dedication to the art form intensified when my husband's health deteriorated and he underwent multiple surgeries over the past few years. In fact, I have now even passed down this craft to a few of my own children.